• START: Nov 5, 2020
  • DAYS WORK: 21
  • USERS: 1696
  • DEPOSITS: $ 292095.73
  • WITHDRAWN: $ 91721.83
  • SAFETY FUND: 28300.05


2 weeks of work / Statistics of 3 days promotion

Hello partners!
The projects have been working for more than 2 weeks. We will connect new resources to promote projects. More than 1300 users and 160 thousand investments! We have overcome the next threshold and develop it further.
Black Friday stock statistics for 3 days:
Bonuses credited to $ 8198
A total of 158 users received a bonus.
We remind The promotion lasts until November 27!

All the best and health.
Best regards, admin diquo.biz

Nov-20-2020 09:44:22 AM

Black Friday and interesting statistics.

Hello dear investors!
In 10 days there will be "Black Friday" - it is a custom to arrange sales on this day.
We also have a proposal for you regarding this event.
In the period 12:00 (GMT) on November 17 to 12:00 (GMT) on November 27 (10 days) the promotion starts
For each new deposit during this period
PLAN 4% FOREVER - + 8% to your account balance
PLAN 5.5% FOREVER - + 11% to your account balance
PLAN 7% FOREVER - + 14% to your account balance

The funds will be available for withdrawal as soon as they are credited to the account, the bonus will be credited up to 12 hours.

At the moment, we have already reached more than 1000 users and 80 thousand investments - this is a good start for a fruitful and long-term work of our project.

The promotion has begun! Take part!
Come to our telegram chat - https://t.me/digitalquoteschat
If you have any questions, please contact support.

Regards, admin diquo.biz

Nov-17-2020 11:00:38 AM

New week/Security/Safety fund

Good day partners.
Regular additions and notifications.
As our popularity grows, we attract the attention of many detractors. We provide the best protection and guarantee the safety of your funds, we also organized a reserve fund.
The new addition to the "SAFETY FUND" project was made in order to insure our investors against force majeure situations (hacking of your mail, loss of funds or other reasons).
As an additional protection for your accounts, please enable 2FA in the "Security" section and set a complex password. All this must be done on any Internet resources that you use, we remind you of this.

The new week starts tomorrow - we wish everyone fruitful days and profits.
All health and patience! Take care of yourself.
Best regards, diquo.biz administration

Nov-15-2020 03:56:28 PM

8 Working Days / Twitter Page

Hello partners.
The eighth day of stable work of our project has ended, despite Friday 13;)
We decided to make a small addition to create a twitter page - https://twitter.com/QuotesDigital
You can also visit the Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/digitalquotesfb
Add to our @digitalquoteschat telegram chat for communication, recommendations and posting payments.
Regards, diquo.biz admin.

Nov-14-2020 09:23:32 AM

Big updates

Big updates await you today.
You can now deposit into perpetual plans that will bring you profit on a consistent basis.
You can see the details on the website.
All active deposits continue to work as before. If you would like to upgrade to a new plan, please contact support.

Our team constantly monitors the trends and wishes of our clients. We will consider all your requests.


Nov-11-2020 11:06:32 AM


There are questions about the PAYEER payment system.
The PAYEER system is operating normally.
We talked with PAYEER support and continue our cooperation as before.

With respect. Administration.

Nov-10-2020 07:13:04 PM

Social networks

Hello. In modern realities, we just had to create places for our users to communicate.
Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/digitalquotesfb
Telegram chat - https://t.me/digitalquoteschat

We strive to make our service more convenient.


Nov-7-2020 05:41:59 PM


Hello, welcome to "DIGITAL QUOTES"
Today we open up and immediately get down to work!
All functions of the site are available for use. Anyone who wants to cooperate, please contact us.

All the best. Administration and service personnel. Good luck.

Nov-5-2020 05:04:14 PM